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Connecting brands & audiences through impact marketing.


We are driven by the impact we create.

Impact like shifting perception and consideration of Canadian-made content. Our MADE | NOUS Seek More campaign increased audience favourability to seek more diverse voices in media and entertainment, resulting in 75% of viewers taking action and celebrating our homegrown creators – and recognition as an industry best.


Whether the objective is changing public perception, encouraging participation, or filling venues, positive impact is the common thread that connects our ten years of experience in delivering world-class brand strategy and campaigns.


We lead with passion and purpose.

From bid to brand, we’ve developed event concepts and built platforms for sport, culture and community — most recently selling out the inaugural espnW Summit Canada with 325 global industry leaders, influencers, and disrupters from 109 organizations. We push boundaries, spark action, and effect change. 


Our values are lived every day, and we have never wavered as truth tellers, fire starts, bridge builders, trail blazers, game changers, and difference makers. We are guided by our experience and passion for sport, with a clear purpose that drives us.

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Where there's challenge, we see opportunities.

Such as reimagining the fundraising strategy for the IIHF World Junior Championships 50/50 during a global pandemic. Physical distancing meant empty arenas, not empty hearts. We tapped into the community of hockey and dreamt about impact, generating record-breaking funds for amateur sport. 


Our approach is to uncover what you truly need. When it comes to cause marketing and community investment programs, we’re all about finding new ways of solving old problems.


We're an extension of your team.

Consider us a trustworthy ally in bringing innovative concepts and marketing programs to life. Programs such as More Rewards Fueling Sport – an ambassador program designed to address a gap in brand awareness and loyalty that fuels the journey of amateur athletes with sponsorship and free groceries. 
Even the best performers rely on coaching and support to achieve their goals. Regardless of the project or brief, we love to give our clients a boost in tackling a challenge to maximize marketing, community investment, and sponsorship strategy.


We leave legacy and will go great distance to enact change.

Our best work has enduring meaning and value, and lives well beyond a campaign launch or project deadline. We are proud of our Canada 150 partnership with Hudson’s Bay Company on The Grand Portage, a merchandise marketing program that led to over $1 million in proceeds and the final investment to complete The Great Trail – a lasting and meaningful legacy (with a few major awards nods along the way).


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